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Evasive Action AMF(C-2242) Aircraft Detail
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Rocket/Aircraft Details
Name: Evasive Action AMF
Aircraft Type: Rocket
Manufacturer : LOC Precision
Model: Big Nuke

Aircraft Configuration Details
    Dual Deploy   
    Single Deploy   
Dual Deploy (Default/Original Configuration )
General Details
Constructed/Completed: 2011/08/20
Config. Status: Defunct / Out of service
Height: 72.00in
Payload bay: 20.00in
Diameter: 5.54in
CP: 56.00in from tip
Dry weight : 5.70kg
Fins: Fiberglass
Body: Paper/Cardboard (heavy duty)
Misc. Parameters
* Onboard video
May require shear pins
Motor Mount Definition  
Main Stage:
1 x 54mm, Retention ring (eg: Aeropack, Slimline)

Recovery Definition  
Recovery event 1 configuration:
Altimeter (Apogee)
Backup: Altimeter (Apogee w/Delay)
1 x 30.00in. (Spill hole:6.00in.) Dome chute
1 x 24.00in. (Spill hole:4.00in.) Dome chute

Recovery event 2 configuration:
Altimeter (Altitude) Alt. (Def.): 700.00ft
Backup: Altimeter (Altitude) Alt. (Def.): 500.00ft
1 x 60.00in. (Spill hole:12.00in.) Dome chute

To comply with the 5kg redundancy limit, which AMF exceeds, a two-altimeter, two-double-recovery-event version of the rocket is being added for use with plugged "L" impulse motors.