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Fusée Fête 2013 - St-Pie-de-Guire, Québec
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Affiliated Club: Club québecois de fuséonautique
Date: 2013/05/18 - 2013/05/19
*CIRN uses the computer date format YYYY/MM/DD


Québec 2013 Rocketry Season Opener

- St-Pie-de-Guire
- Canadian Association of Rocketry
- May 18 and 19 2013
- 6000 foot ceiling
- 1 square Km area to fly
- Motors from "A" to "M"

Weather status & forecast updates
2013/05/15: Weather is all lined up and GO for Rocket Fest 2013! Given the status has remained so highly positive for so many weeks up until now - only days before the event - it's quite safe to decla... [More Weather Info]

Location information & directions
Full Google Map: http://goo.gl/maps/s3ZcA The first step is to reach autoroute 20 on the south shore of Montreal. For local residents, this is pretty easy. If you don't know how, just check a Quebe... [More Location Info]